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AIPS and U.S. Embassy Events

AIPS and the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan have developed a multi-day and multi-week exchange and speaker program.  It involves American and Pakistani academic and civil society organizations and aims to strengthen people-to-people and inter-organizational ties between Pakistan and the United States.  It addresses themes like the environment and other topics of international concern.  

*AIPS is not currently accepting applications for this program.  An announcement will be sent out to AIPS members if this changes.

Grantees and Projects Supported (To Date)
Dr. Hassan Abbas - Dynamics of Countering Human Trafficking in South Asia
Gabriel Filippelli - Air Quality in Pakistan
Lauren Bohn, Jill Filipovic, Ty McCormickAIPS-Sponsored Participants Attended a Fake News Conference
Eileen Brewer and Cathy Simpson - TechWomen Pakistan