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"Air Quality in Pakistan" Program

Dr. Filippelli, an Air Quality Fellow for Embassy Islamabad and an expert in air quality and health, delivered a series of lectures, workshops, and demonstrations to raise awareness of issues related to air quality and build dialogs among university researchers, students, governmental, and non-governmental entities on the topic.  Through this AIPS-sponsored series of events, which occurred in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, Dr. Filippelli interacted with approximately 1000 people over the course of 11 days.

A greater awareness of the negative impacts of air pollution on public health has made this is a prime issue in many countries. Pakistan currently has almost no air quality monitoring capabilities, thus it is difficult to assess the true impacts of air quality on health and nearly impossible to determine and eradicate the sources of air pollution. In line with a continued USG policy of constructing air quality monitoring facilities on Embassies and Posts in vulnerable countries, the posts in Pakistan are bringing a number of testing facilities online.  With the US posts bringing live air quality data online and open to the people of Pakistan, we may be seeing a key first step to dealing with this issue in a constructive and positive way.