Welcome to AIPS

The American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS), established in 1973, is a bi-national research and education organization with a mission to promote academic study of Pakistan in the US and to encourage scholarly exchange between the US and Pakistan.

It is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, autonomous organization and a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

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Welcome to Lahore, 2018 BULPIP-AIPS Students!

BULPIP-AIPS students completed their first orientation in Lahore, Pakistan!

The Berkeley-AIPS Urdu Language Program in Pakistan (BULPIP-AIPS) is an Urdu immersion program based at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in Pakistan.

For more information on the program, please click here.

"Indus Valley Civilization" from PBS

AIPS Member and Archaeologist, Dr. Uzma Rizvi, is featured in PBS' clip "Indus Valley Civilization."  This clip is from "Trade," the fourth episode of the First Civilizations series.  Click here to see what Dr. Rizvi has to say!

"Popular Culture Across Borders"

Dr. Joel Gordon led a two-day seminar on “Popular Culture Across Borders” for scholars and researchers from Government College University (Lahore) and other institutions in Pakistan! For more information on the AIPS sponsored project, click here

CAORC Multi-Country Fellowship in Pakistan and India

In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of CAORC’s Multi-Country Fellowship, hear about 1996-97 awardee Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi’s experience and the impact the fellowship had on his career!  He received support from both the American Institute of Pakistan Studies and American Institute of Indian Studies.  Check out his story here.

Social Science Research Panel at FJWU

Fatima Jinnah Women University’s Department of Sociology organized a panel on “Social Science Research in the Contemporary World: Trends and Challenges” on August 3rd, 2018 in collaboration with the American Institute of Pakistan Studies.