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AIPS-HEC Short-Term Foreign Faculty Program

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) and AIPS have agreed to constitute a program titled “AIPS-HEC—US-Faculty Short Term Hiring Program” in the fields of social sciences and humanities.

This will be a pilot project involving placement of US faculty members in Pakistani Public Sector Universities in Islamabad. If successful, this initiative may be expanded to other universities in different parts of Pakistan (depending on security issues prevalent at the time)

The AIPS and HEC will form a 3-member committee (two AIPS and one HEC nominee). Chaired by the AIPS President the committee will work to screen and select suitable US scholars to travel to Pakistan for 3 to 4 months duration. This period may be utilized for public lecturing, teaching, imparting training and faculty mentoring assignments.

Eligibility: US based faculty with at least two years of post PhD experience. Faculty from AIPS Trustee Institutions and individual AIPS members are eligible to apply. Faculty members need not work on Pakistan and can be from a range of disciplines within the Social Sciences and Humanities. The HEC-AIPS application is open to any faculty member who has 2-3 years of Post Doctoral Teaching experience and is based at a US university. The nationality is not a criteria, but the PhD is, the length of time passed since attaining it is, and also teaching at a US institution is.

Once selected, the HEC and AIPS-Islamabad office will work out modalities for placements of the scholars at one of the universities in Islamabad.

NOTE: The selected candidates will receive, depending upon seniority and experience, up to $2000 monthly stipend. There is provision for return air fare and also a daily allowance of $9 for incidentals. These are based on HEC rules. AIPS will help in arranging secure housing in Islamabad at a nominal rate. Please contact AIPS office for details.

Application procedures and more information can be found in the link below. Rolling Application. No Deadline.

Application Form